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Chinese Top Loading Water Machine


Pure and refreshing hydration with the Chinese Top Loading Water Machine.

Chinese Top Loading Water Machine

Model No.LM-YL1-1119B
DescriptionHot and cold water 
Cooling MethodCompressor cooling
Cooling Capacity0.8L/h  6~10℃
Heating Capacity5L/h   88~95℃
Packing Dimension330×340×970mm
Loading Qty.668PCS/40HQ
Introducing the Chinese Top Loading Water Machine – the epitome of hydration excellence for your abode or workplace. With its streamlined aesthetics and cutting-edge functionalities, this dispenser is a true game-changer.

Convenience takes center stage. With its innovative top loading configuration, refilling becomes an effortless endeavor. Bid farewell to the struggles of heaving hefty containers or dealing with untidy spills.

Indulge in pristine and invigorating water. The state-of-the-art filtration technology eradicates impurities, chlorine, and unpleasant aromas, guaranteeing each sip to be pure and invigorating.

Elegant and contemporary, it bestows an air of sophistication upon any setting. Compact yet versatile, it seamlessly integrates into kitchens, offices, or cozy apartments.

Experience the best of both worlds with hot and cold options. Revel in chilled water or effortlessly prepare a steaming cup of tea. The hot water feature is tailor-made for soul-soothing soups or comforting beverages.

In summary, the Chinese Top Loading Water dispenser is an absolute essential. Its convenient design, advanced filtration capabilities, sleek visage, and versatility render it the ultimate hydration companion. Immerse yourself in refreshment and savor the purity of water with this exceptional dispenser.

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Chinese Top Loading Water Machine


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