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Dual-Chamber Washing Machine


Dual-Chamber Washing Machine

Dual-Chamber Washing MachineXPB60-68S
Rated capacity(kg)Wash:6.0 Spin:3.5
Rated power(w)Wash:320 Spin:130
Net weight(kg)17
Packing Dimension(MM)735*465*855
Loading Qty(HQ)240
Choose a Dual-Chamber Washing Machine : Change your laundry experience

The dual chamber washing machine takes you on a journey of laundry innovation. With its groundbreaking design and advanced features, the dual chamber washing machine makes the tedious laundry process convenient and efficient.

Dual chamber washing machine allows you to clean ,and dry your clothes simultaneously. Say goodbye to the tedious waiting game between loads and embrace the time-saving and energy-saving capabilities brought by this revolutionary appliance.

Say goodbye to the tedious task of sorting clothes, as our dual chamber washing machine has advanced sensors that can easily detect fabric types, and adjust the washing cycles accordingly. Whether it’s the most delicate silk or the toughest denim, every fabric will receive the most meticulous care for optimal results.

Dual-Chamber Washing Machine not only offers convenience, but also helps you save on water and electricity bills. By washing and drying clothes at the same time, it reduces water and energy consumption. The built-in advanced technology can reduce the use of water and detergent, minimizing waste. It not only saves you money on your daily expenses ,but also helps protect our precious ecosystem. Choosing a dual chamber washing machine is a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

Dual chamber washing machine features a spacious chamber to easily accommodate larger loads, reducing the number of wash cycles required. It not only saves laundry time but also extends the lifespan of your beloved machine.

welcome the arrival of the dual chamber washing machine.

With its groundbreaking design, smart connectivity, and eco-friendly features, Dual chamber washing machine becomes an essential appliance for every modern household. It not only changes your laundry experience but also allows you to enjoy the convenience and efficiency it brings. With high expectations for the new era of laundry, welcome the arrival of the dual chamber washing machine.

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Dual-Chamber Washing Machine


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