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Single Door Refrigerator Larder


single door refrigerator lader series

single door refrigerator larder

Freezer Volume(L/Cu.Ft)      /
Packing W*D*H(mm)560*585*840mm
Loading Quantity 40′HC251 
The single door refrigerator larder is one of the essential appliances in our homes. Its design is simple and practical, and it has rich functions, which brings us a lot of convenience.

The temperature of the refrigerator larder is generally between 2°C and 8°C. This temperature range is very suitable for storing various foods and beverages. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and other perishable foods can be placed in the refrigerator larder to extend their shelf life by lowering the temperature. In this way, we can enjoy fresh ingredients at any time and provide healthier meals for our families.

Refrigerator larder usually have a small freezer capacity and are suitable for small families or long-term rentals. Although the capacity is limited, the refrigerator larder is cleverly designed to maximize the use of space. Through reasonable partitions and pull-out storage compartments, we can store food in an orderly manner and make full use of space.

We only need to control the temperature of the refrigerator larder through the controller. The refrigerator larder series does not have a freezing function, but that does not prevent it from becoming one of the hottest products. It has become the refrigerator of choice for short-term renters.

The lader has a good preservation effect and can extend the preservation time of food. We need to clean the larder regularly to maintain hygiene. At the same time, care should be taken when placing food to avoid cross-contamination and maintain the freshness and safety of food.

In short, the single-door refrigerator larder plays an important role in modern households. Its convenient functions and practical design make our lives more convenient. Whether it’s storing ingredients or chilling drinks, the refrigerated room can meet our needs. Therefore, the single-door refrigerator larder has become an indispensable appliance in the home, bringing more convenience to our lives.
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Single Door Refrigerator Larder


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